The Portal of Sustainable Construction (PSC) was created in 2010, at a time when the construction industry was already in decline. Being overbuilding an inescapable reality and the need for quality in construction increasingly imperative, not only for environmental but also social issues, arises the need to develop this industry in a new way. For both environmental and social issues arises the need to further develop the industry in a new way. This project aims to fulfill this need through:

– Updated information about the building sector, focusing on building qualityenergy efficiency and rehabilitation;

– Creating awareness to this new reality among the construction sector enterprises and the general population, through this online tool and other awareness projects;

– Promoting products and/or services that answer these questions.

PSC’s targets are general consumers, promoters and planners, building associations, companies and professionals of the construction industry, organizers of fairs and congresses, public institutions and other entities.

The PSC aims to bring together as partners all companies and organizations whose products or services fill in, at least, four of the ten PSC Principles, understood as essentials to contribute to an environment built with quality and therefore more sustainable.

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