The Portal of Sustainable Construction relies on a team of professionals in the fields of architecture, construction, energy, environment and sustainability. This team pushes for implementing a new course of action in the construction industry in order to make it more sustainable. PSC acts as a consultant for companies in the area and invests in actions to promote better practices and quality in construction, energy efficiency and rehabilitation.

We, at PSC, are constantly posting updated information on our website and through other awareness actions such as national and international fairs where we promote our partners’ products and the Principles that we uphold. PSC also organizes open class seminars at universities and higher education institutes and conducts courses recognized and certified by professional associations and guilds. In order to do so we resort to a hiring list of qualified and certified instructors.

PSC aims to be a reference in the field of Architecture and Construction by disclosing and spreading information on environmental, economic and social themes in the pursuit of sustainability in the construction industry.

It’s undeniable the need for changes in our way of life. By thinking and making our buildings more efficient in terms of resources consumption we aim to make them more environmentally sound and comfortable as well as economical. It is based on the premise that social, economic and environmental concerns play a key role in a society that yearns for sustainable development that PSC works on a daily basis to bring change to the current paradigm.

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