Exclusively of national capital and placed in the Preceram Group, Gyptec is dedicated to the production of laminated gypsum boards, using ecological raw materials and non-polluting methods, environmentally and economically sustainable. Figueira da Foz plant uses, as raw materials, recycled paper and FGD plaster, by-product of the Portuguese thermal power plants, avoiding mining for plaster and contributing to the preservation of natural resources. The energy consumed is monetized by producing electricity in a cogeneration system and all production is for export or import substitution.
Gyptec gypsum boards, certified and internationally recognized for their quality, have been applied in numerous rehabilitation works and construction of schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and housing.



Gyptec Ibérica

Parque Industrial e Empresarial da Figueira da Foz, Lote 3 – S. Pedro

3090-380 Figueira da Foz I PORTUGAL

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