“Our partnership with the Portal of Sustainable Construction has shown itself to be quite profitable thanks to the countless activities it offers its associates. The platform is extremely dynamic, proactive and committed, having done a lot in the way of promoting sustainable construction and all the products and services aimed at it”.

OLI – Oliveira & Irmão, S.A.

“The Portal of Sustainable Construction is a relevant instrument in the dissemination of information regarding this way of designing and building among the community in this area as well as the general population. The Portal of Sustainable Construction lays an excellent foundation for professionals to work from and is an ideal partner for companies aiming to be at the vanguard of sustainable construction”.

Miguel Sousa Pinto | ALUCOBOND

“The Portal of Sustainable Construction has proved to be a valuable partner in divulging our products and the message that it is possible to build a more sustainable future”.

Francisco Pereira Branco | BOAVISTA WINDOWS

“In conformity with its environmental sustainable policy, CIN has always sought to provide low environmental impact solutions. Most paints currently marketed by CIN are water-based and hold an A+ inner air classification. Some of CIN’s paints also hold the European Ecolabel for their low environmental impact. For these motives we must associate with those that uphold the same values we do as is the case of the Portal of Sustainable Construction with whim we have had the pleasure of developing some very interesting projects”.

CIN – Paints and Varnishes

“The sharing of values between our two institutions is the basis for the development and promotion of a partnership between Roca and the Portal of Sustainable Construction. In 2016 we’ve gathered our convictions and a tireless team full of ideas and potential and set out to promote sustainability in construction through activities, events and conferences for sector and its community. We intend to keep exploring and accomplishing more initiatives and more sustainability together”.

Sónia Felgueiras | ROCA, S.A.

“The Portal of Sustainable Construction has always been there for CS, whenever needed and always open to the development of new solutions and projects together. We know we can rely on PSC’s support. Their coordination has been impeccable in trade shows, conferences and field visits, always assuring satisfaction on both parts and that the objective is fulfilled: the disclosure of the scientific community”.

Inês Ferreira | CS – Coelho da Silva   

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