Carpilux is a Portuguese company engaged in the manufacture of wooden frames. Only uses wood from forests that will be reforested. It is important to mention that timber constructions go along with the process of sequestration of CO2, which is fundamental to the quality of life on the planet. Within the chain of sustainable development, the wood is fully suited to the principles of green building. Besides that it is a natural material, of low energy consumption, both in its formation phase, as in the deployment and application phase.

Return to the origins of wooden windows and contribute to the preservation of the real estate is the main goal of the company.


The technology used provides a product of high mechanical resistance. The execution of light structures, besides being durable, constitutes a compact block of extreme versatility and elegance. The comfort that wood provides and the aesthetic aspect is unquestionable, combining all this with thermal and acoustic insulation incomparable with any other type of material.


Making the traditional window using lamellar wooden profiles, double glazing, rubber seals and special fittings, results into a window that keeps the tradition, added with elements that provide a greater comfort. Carpilux creates, in addition to frames, many solutions, always applying cutting edge technology, in a product of extreme importance for the interior comfort of a building.



Carpilux, Lda

Alto do Romão
2450-060 Nazaré

Phone: +351 262 569 190
Fax: +351 262 569 191



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